We offer three types of corporate service to our clients:

Flat Fee Startup Package:

This service provides a package of startup legal services for one flat fee:

  • Incorporation – advising on the appropriate business structure; incorporating the company; preparing articles of incorporation, bylaws, corporate records, minute book, and/or operating agreements, as appropriate.
  • Capitalization – preparing a stock plan addressing founders’ shares and the creation of employee stock pool, as appropriate; providing the relevant stock purchase agreements; prepare stock certificates and receipts; prepare securities filings for stock issuances to founders.
  • Employment – prepare a form At-Will Employment Offer Letter, form Independent Contractor Services Agreement, and form Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement
  • Intellectual Property – prepare Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA), prepare Intellectual Property Transfer Agreement to transfer intellectual property from founders to the company.

Outside General Counsel:

This service gives you access to legal counsel for one flat monthly fee.

  • Call us whenever you need anything, without worrying about being “on the clock.”
  • We form a true partnership with your company, acting both as key legal counsel and as a strategic advisor.
  • We handle all legal issues, including contract drafting, review, and negotiation, raising capital, employment matters, trademark and copyright protection, real estate leasing, local land use permitting, and all others.
  • We recommend a 6-12 month term for the service, which enables us to become effective partners for your business.

Individual Corporate Legal Needs:

For one-time corporate needs, such as preparing an individual agreement or advising on a particular transaction, we work with our clients to establish an individualized scope of work and budget for each engagement.